We purchased this home in 2006, after an unpleasant discovery of bedbugs in our apartment. Coincidentally, my friend had been preparing this house for sale, so when we suddenly needed to jump ship on our apartment we said we’d buy her house. We’d only been here one time previously, as a guest.
Within two weeks we were the new owners of this 1912 American Foursquare.
​The building inspector said it was in good shape for a century home and gave us a list of matters to be looked into. Unfortunately, the mortgage and utilities ate up the majority of my paycheque for several years and we didn’t do anything on the list or take any steps to inquire into or highlight the character of this home.
​Now, in 2016, we are beginning the process of making the home more liveable, while restoring the modest 1912 character that has been stripped away during its lifetime of crappy upgrades.