Preparing for the Addition

I’ve signed a contract for an addition to this house, but because of permit issues, construction is starting almost 9 months after the contract was signed. In the meantime, I’ve taken “before” pictures and am preparing for the addition.

The plan is to take down a crumbling 1965 garage and add two stories of liveable space in its stead.
So, I have to clear out the garage and find places to put what normally is stored in there. Sadly, it has not been  a car. My garage has, for several years, been used as a large shed. It houses my canoe, gardening tools and potting equipment, sporting goods, lumber, chemicals, old doors and windows, and so on. It’s quite a task to find homes for these things when storage was always a problem in this house.

I resolved the storage issue by purchasing two tall sheds that are now installed along the east fence, by the house. One shed holds camping and fishing gear and the other holds sporting equipment. The little shed that was located at the back of the yard is now the garden shed. I’ve rented a storage unit for old doors and windows and extra furniture. The garage is finally mostly empty, but for some items that have to be donated and some items that will go to the dump. Cleaning out the garage took about a week of steady labour. Not the best way to spend summer holidays, but one step closer to the new addition.

Back of garage

What do you think?