Update on the Main Floor

The main floor is insulated, wired, plumbed, and drywalled. There is an open area for a family room, with bay windows:

Where pass-through to front door area will be.

The wall area by the windows that is not drywalled is  where an opening to the old house is going to go. It will be a pass through directly to the front door area. I’d call it a foyer, but it’s pretty tiny and cramped.

Looking from the living room area to the kitchen, where there is a new wide pass-through.  Lovely.

To the right of the pass-through seen above is new powder room. It’s small, but just what a main floor needs. Just room for a toilet and a sink. Had to convince the plumber that the sink had room to fit in front of the pocket door entry, and the toilet could go by the window.

Awaiting flooring and fixtures.

Closet space by back door – one for coats and boots, the only one in the house, and one smaller one for tools. These are directly across from the powder room, and right beside the back door.

Tool closet and coat closet.

And, finally, the back door.

Back door (temporary builder’s grade door).

What do you think?